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fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes. we adapt to that. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand and make sense of it. the former bishop of hong kong says the pope is sending out mixed. views.
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this is al jazeera and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha. welcome to the news spread another friday and another afternoon of protest by israeli forces this is the seventh week in a row of all building to choose the seventieth anniversary of what palestinians call the nothing but the creation of israel coming up a live update from gaza as tensions once again. also on the grid the down collapse in kenya at least fifty people. still missing and kenya's public prosecutor has. to have this commercially. became a disaster and india's prime minister narendra modi is in the third visit in forty years but the first since a new government was elected by all neighbors but relations can be tricky explain why and look at whether modi is making inroads. of course in the philippines has
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dismissed an outspoken critic of president. had the online reaction to this story and much more. to show using the hash tag. l.n. echo with the news live on air and streaming. online through you tube facebook live in an al-jazeera dot com for the seventh straight friday palestinians have gathered along gaza's border with israel and again people have been killed the protesters demand is to end the occupation and to recognize their right of return there have been scenes of anger violence and death in fact these live pictures at the moment coming in from that border area very similar to all of the other fridays we've had the israeli army is there since the protests began in march they've killed at least forty one people palestinians according to their right of refugees to return to the land they were forced to leave after the creation of these red states by back in one thousand nine hundred forty eight stephanie decker has been live all day she's
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here for us on a newsgroup take us through what's happening steph been a pretty intense day even though the crowd is relatively smaller from what we've seen over the last friday's and that is because in the law in the next two days on the fourteenth of may we are expecting those protests to coincide with naacp and we are expecting tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands come all to come along this spend a lot of tear gas being used also life fire sniper fire as we've seen used over the last seven weeks now we've counted at least eight or nine injuries in the lower legs of young men being taken away to get white close to that phones you can see it is a peaceful protest kemal you will see some of the young men will get margins to sort of zoom into the crowd you can see the sniper position just across the fence there and the tear gas has been quite intense not just at the people right at the fence but also right back to where we are and further afield when israel tries to
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disperse when the soldiers try to disperse the crowds that have gathered here you alluded to it before stephanie but perhaps you can elaborate on what more is expected to happen on tuesday it is the fifteenth because this is seven weeks worth of protests building to that. yes so it seems that that big protest is now going to be on monday coinciding with the u.s. embassy move to jerusalem coinciding not because the fifteenth but certainly we're told here is of the fourteen and the fifteen everyone we've spoken to here people we've spoken throughout the weeks of being here whether the youth the young men whether they are elderly men or women families say that they will be coming to these border areas this is just one point. there will be several more there's been five for the seven weeks of more going to be put on and the idea there is to sort of stretch the israeli soldiers all across the border area where we all support of the plans particular when it comes to the young men they will say well we're not
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going to tell you what we're planning but we're planning for it to be big i tended a press conference given by the head of hamas here and guy a a sin more law yesterday first time he met with international journalists we had a q. and a session and he was all still what he expected what he wanted to see happen here and what he would be doing to ensure the safety of palestinians while he said that what that fence that you see is not international recognized border is a fence that israel has put in place and said well these are peaceful protesters and he says what is wrong with them storming through that fence because it is not an internationally recognized border he did also say that he hoped that the presence of international media would end up saving palestinian lives in terms of putting pressure on israel in terms of using life fire but i can tell you there's been a real momentum that's been building here over the weeks and there is such a desperate situation in gaza these days the worst it's been in the eleven years of blockade and we keep saying it but i think we can't reiterate enough how terrible
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and frustrated particularly the youth are so i think we will be seeing extremely large protests. stephanie dick thank you so much for that live update is she says she's been reporting there all day as the protests of carried on our latest updates page is up and running as well as it has been for those parts six weeks the first place you should visit to get up to date with the events in gaza are the teams also listed there. in all the information a little bit further down of the names of the forty one people who have been killed since those protests began on march thirty feet just search for gaza latest updates you'll find that one at al-jazeera dot com and you can as ever get in touch with us . contact each other on screen out of the hashtag a.j. news group of course with the using twitter you can you can message me directly at kemal a j or replies to our thread at a.j. english you can watch the live stream at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera comment
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amongst yourselves and with us and that number there plus nine seven four five zero one trouble one four nine covers whatsapp and telegram if you using either of those messaging services to get in touch with us protests we want to show you briefly in indonesia or is well people rallying in the capital jakarta are actually to support the palestinians and also to condemn the united states decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and to move its embassy to step vasan with more now from jakarta. angry speeches here at the national monument in shock after tens of thousands of people have gathered here to show solidarity with palestine and they're saying that the move of the united states embassy to jerusalem is an insult to islam and the provocation to the world although it's organized by conservative groups this is an issue that unites many here in indonesia in an asia doesn't have any diplomatic relations with israel and president joke we don't again stressed this morning that he condemns the u.s. move and also condemns its route and he urges united nations to take steps against
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the move of the embassy and the united states embassy is very near to here only over there and the security is very very high but so far the organizers have not announced if they're going to move the whole protest to the united states embassy this is a large protest of a series of protests that have been happening since last year december when donald trump announced the move of the u.s. embassy and also then tens of thousands took to the streets showed their anger and also urged all indonesians to boycott american products to kenya where the public prosecutor is launching an investigation into what caused a dam to burst killing at least fifty people officials didn't have the required permission to operate bus the interior ministry has told up to zero the dams operation was entirely legal versus rescuers search for more survivors sandra simmons as mine. another day of searching and no one is really sure of the number
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of people still missing many of those found dead so far have been children it's a harrowing operation and i mean i may be alive but my mom is gone my son is gone i'm not lucky i feel so bad because to place has grown so much but now we have nothing again i will never have a good life again. the focus of the rescuers is now much further downstream below the hill the surging waters again speed and force then spread over this large area as the searching goes on there's now a growing clamor of questions over what went wrong kenya's director of public prosecutions has ordered the chief of police to open an investigation local media are reporting that the patel dam was investigated by the national water resources or forty and deemed unsafe but no action was taken nor any follow up
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by the or forty aside from questions over this there are seven other similar dams in the area all of them used for irrigating the crops the sprawl of daybreak is where families once lived whole homes swept away. from the air you get some idea of the scale of this tragedy the dam is almost fully drained downstream the waves of flood water gain momentum and later spread out inflicting much more devastation over a wider area they offer thank you for a long stretch from the dump area down stream we are also looking for the families that they were missing grow hoping that christening. desk. chose kimmo know already knows he's lost a family member his sister fifty year old nancy moved this was. going to do what
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we heard about the flooding came to look for my sister we looked everywhere we only found her body hours after the water receded trying. to help. bernard mankato works at a village clinic he's trying in vain to clear things are now. i live here with my colleague there were many houses around us and this is where many people respect the way the kenyan red cross is describing the floods as a national disaster with more than three hundred thousand people now homeless and what happened in a coup county is a disaster all of its own andrew simmons. is a county in kenya i mentioned the interior ministry before which had said that the operation was all completely illegal that is a view backed up by the manager of the dam have a listen those down so therefore it was fifteen twenty years there's dams are not built now this is about sixty seventy as we are right now we're on this down for
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a bit about fifteen to twenty years before there's no leaving of. how kenyans have been reacting to this outrage but also a lot of people expressing sadness and condolences for the people who were killed there also demanding answers saying that more needs to be done for accountability while we have cartoons that are like this that i shared online at the moment this one has a caption while questions being asked after the charges and it shows how politicians are dealing with the crisis by pointing out blame at each other and then there's this one which is also criticizing the government's slow response. then you have a couple of the tweets that we've seen today kami says that the tragedy is manmade adding because of greed and selfishness innocent kenyans die every day but it all starts with government and the governor of new crew province is currently being criticized for the slow rescue response he's now calling for donations to help the
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victims but many are saying that it's a little too late joshua has said that the government needs to ensure such tragedies don't happen again so if you are currently in kenya or have any comments you'd like to share with us tweet us he's the hash tag great thank you for hilo we have. the old odhiambo with us now a principal technologist at the department of environmental engineering at the university of nairobi is a perfectly placed to talk to us about some of what we've seen from everything you know all of this dam and of the pictures you've seen what are your feelings about well clearly its structural integrity wasn't good but was it do you think it was all up to stand in the first place or with things not being followed. first of course to send my condolences to the for musatov been affected but of course from the pictures that we see you may not make
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a complete technical assessment but basically what you would expect for a. that is basically made of one thing buckman. their files to sift the future no one would want to see in place is the spirit. so that when the water levels rise to a certain level beyond what the dumb cunt contain then the spillway shouldn't allow for that excess water to flow so our been trying to see from the pictures the positioning of the spillway and i think that's one of the things that needs to be investigated ok a lot of talk about accountability here ultimately it must rest with the commercial operation that was running it is is that correct through their cause when you construct a dam. in kenya first of all the man did for construction
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and he had beautician of dams like dams and medium scale down small dams rests with the national water conservation and a pipeline corp they're the ones who demanded for construction and he had beautician over dams in the country so one would expect that that institution should have been involved in the initial design and construction and then the subsequent maintenance and operation of the dam was when you had to put it in it and maintaining it you have to check on whether they're in buchman he's been breached by water where that this peter way is sitting up as a result of misuse and mismanagement of the catchment upstream which causes a lot of sea tissue so that operation and maintenance has to be done by somebody who we squarely fight do you worry are you concerned that there are more of these
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dams out there that could be in a similar precarious position. of course there are right now in the country there's a big talk about construction of a dumps to improve or know what a storage capacity within a country and therefore these that big. push for construction of dams so these needs to look at the dollars that are ready the place be to lie down as a place that work was structed by a national water course of action to ensure that they're ok and then those dams that have been constructed by individuals. your little catchment. level also need to be checked and we also have to take cognisance of the fact that he did reserve the past we have had some seesmic movements we need the rift that could
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compromise the phone additional base of any doubt within that region and what the foundational base of the doubt must be to compromise it affects their buck meant therefore you could have water. pipe even through the document and that could of course a breach those are things that need now to be investigated and be followed up point harness already or the joining us from nairobi i thank you for your time and your expertise. as we have a little look at the live wall here and we've got a few different streams coming in from gulzar at the moment keeping an eye on the protests as they carry on on that border between gaza and israel stephanie decker was telling us a little bit earlier or building up to bigger protests on monday or right that's the a bit wider shot we've got looking across the border there towards gaza now next box over there is so tension in london with more international news for us i so. thank you for all the iranian government has strongly denied israel's allegations that it
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fired rockets at its forces in the occupied golan heights saying the accusations are fabricated and baseless on thursday in response to the alleged attack israel launched its biggest assault in syria to syria for decades targeting iranian military infrastructure inside the country as a master of a has more from terror. in perhaps the harshest words we've heard so far a senior iranian cleric warned that israeli cities face destruction if that country continues to act quote foolishly i had to look to me was speaking at friday prayers that to her own university regarding israeli strikes on syria he had this warning that in august we would like. despite western pressure to keep it to let israel know that if it acts foolishly or tell of even hateful will be totally destroyed hatami is a member of the council of experts an eighty eight member body that elects iran's
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supreme leader he's also a political hard liner and has been a harsh critic of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal he also gave his view of the u.s. pullout from that agreement empty because i thought america could not do it thing they have always been after toppling of iran's regime and they say that is in line with that aims these european signatories also cannot be trusted iran's enemies cannot be trusted not them use words come as a ron's foreign minister jugs or reef prepares to embark on a diplomatic tour to meet with the remaining signatories of the nuclear agreement in an effort to in some form preserve that deal the clerics words are a sign that hardliners have been emboldened here in iran and that moderates the government of president hassan rouhani are not only in a fight to try and preserve the nuclear agreement abroad they're also in a fight here at home to try and maintain the political futures. russian opposition
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leader alexina valmy has appeared in court after being arrested during antigovernment protests last saturday and then ali is facing two charges one for participation in the demonstration the other for disappearing a policeman but the court shifted the hearing to choose day to allow for witnesses to be called took place two days before president vladimir putin was inaugurated for a fourth term novelli was among sixteen hundred people detained by police. in italy the anti establishment five star and the far right league have made significant steps towards forming a government and agreement between the two parties would end nine weeks of political deadlock in the country after inclusive inconclusive elections in march the two groups are hostile to european union budget restrictions and have made electoral pledges which will cost billions of dollars to implement they have until sunday to report back to the president tensions are running high on the greek
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island of lesbos where refugee arrivals from turkey have led to significant overcrowding the more refugee camp there are some seven thousand people now living at the camp and three hundred percent capacity the number of island arrivals has surged from about fifty a day in twenty seventeen to around two hundred a day recent weeks the living conditions are deteriorating on there are often outbreaks of violence aid agencies say they're struggling to cope. now we see that we see more in four hundred patients every week and we know that in the camp at the moment there's more than seven thousand people and among them there is more than two thousand children and even if we are trying to do our best here we still turning away children every day because we don't have the capacity to see them and the really a terrible part of this is that we know that we are turning them away to go back to the camp where the condition is really bad. the world health organization is waiting for approval to send an experimental vaccine to democratic republic of
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congo after confort two cases of it and thirty two probable cases that at least seventeen people have died since people in the village of because began showing symptoms resembling the virus it seemed that the government is actively exploring the use of the vaccine and we are waiting for final throws a should i expect to receive that in the coming days and in the meantime we are preparing as if it will be a green light so coaching is on standby the stockpile is on standby the teams are being put on standby including up to forty people that conducted the initial vaccination trial in guinea so people with really experience from guinea. the hawaii state government is closing a national park around a killer wire volcano with new fears of a major eruption after more than a week of all comic activity toxic gases have caused massive damage and destruction
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after breaking through cracks caused by an earthquake scientists some park officials now fail at the biggest eruption in more than a century with action boulders the size of refrigerators potentially being thrown kilometers into the. that's it for me now back to come on into another thank you for that india's prime minister is visiting nepal hoping to smooth over some tensions there ties between the two countries turned sour back in two thousand and fifteen when an apollo passed a controversial new law this is no render modi's first visit since that particular fallout comes at a time when his country is concerned about china's rising influence in the himalayan nation trip is seen as an attempt to tilt the balance sabina shrestha has more from john who're. the streets have been decorated swept and cleaned the city of jenin poor has been preparing for weeks for the visit of indian prime minister narendra modi people here hope this visit will cement friendship between the countries and most of the people here are very much like our neighbors
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across the border who want everyone to live together in a friendly environment the state visit is in keeping with mr modi's hindu that the politics he's visiting the hindu temple of john icke mythology has it that john knox daughter john the key to god to see was married to god john who was born in india a place whose symbolism has been crucial to mr moody's hindu nationalism we are to do not look on and on about the relationship between iowa and poor is unbreakable and invincible on this day we are inaugurating i direct bus service between the two historical cities for the provincial government mr modi's visit is finally attracting the attention the area deserves no this is the time for all we want to. bring. but why don't the poor is celebrating moody's visit the jubilation is not shared by people across the country trending on twitter is hash tag blockade was
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a crime mr modi referring to the crippling border blockade imposed by india in twenty fifteen the blockade was a response to nepal's new constitution which angered people in jonah poor and elsewhere in southern nepal leading to protests in which over forty people died the indian government responded to the under arrest by blocking the transfer of products across the border for five months creating severe shortages of essential goods across nepal impact of the blockade has opened the path of neighboring china to step in reducing india's influence in the pali politics china is offering major infrastructure investments as a part of its one belt one growth initiative and that makes india feel sick to me threatened. but some commentators say that the geopolitical change is a good opportunity for an apollo. we need connectivity with both china and india india has agreed to build roads and rail links and the fuel pipeline china is also trying to get india on board with the china railway and it can help in that it
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might seem ambitious but nepal can slowly exercise its position to build economic ties with both countries it is unlikely that this today visit will eliminate the resentment many nepalis feel over the blockade but for most people in this province this immelt his visit is an exciting day on the big international stage and for the nepali government balancing both the giant neighbors and doing infrastructure deals it's crucial for national development. others era it's on a food. prime minister modi says his visit to nepal is part of his neighborhood first policy this is an initiative where india's relations with its neighboring countries are the ones which receive top priority the two leaders are scheduled to inaugurate a one point zero four billion dollar hydro electric power plant that's being built by an indian company in nepal which is starved of energy is days but china's already been making headway just last year chinese companies pledged more than
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eight point three billion dollars in investment compared to india's three hundred seventeen million yes india is nepal's largest trading partner but beijing has been a big contributor of financial aid building highways hospitals and airports as you've seen indiana power relations are delicate this article from al jazeera dot com dates back actually to orchestra twenty fourteen this was modi's first trip there but it was the first in seventeen years by an indian premier and back then the question was as you can see can india's modi break the ice with nepal let's talk about that with she won in the pani who is a political analyst joining us via skype from katmandu and it's a pleasure to have you with us i mean first of all just as i was reading those numbers about china and india competing for their influence in in the pile i wonder if india can even keep pace with china this spending a lot of money there. i don't think india can keep pace with the
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china that's why chinese investment has been very high and it's been also very welcome. in the country where investment after the two thousand and fifteen market even if it was done with good intentions has been seen in a negative light because every every move india makes is currently you know seen under the threat still not all sovereignty which is what the indian blocky did so what then does mr modi need to do i mean it has to be said he does his visit there quite a number of times. since he's been prime minister but clearly he needs to take some further steps to really break the ice and to bring relations back. well as you reported earlier there are there's a hash tag that's trending on twitter right now it's called block it was a crime mr modi so one of the things that people are asking online is for an apology and i think that's the first step that much more the. that's the first way
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that modi could perhaps address the nation that still quite angry with him considering that two thousand and fifteen lucky but other than that there are other things more the can do as well so india's. development plans have been very slow the last year as they have been up there there been a lot of promises. those haven't really come to friction so it's inaccurate you know show with actions more than words because the last time or the internet file which was in two thousand and fourteen people were delighted to see him and he promised you know that friendship cooperation i respect for nepal sovereignty and he. those words meant nothing when he went to block it happened so if one really first issue an apology and then you know run on those promises that he made for development that's well perhaps the way they are smart seem an odd question
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just briefly is there anything the poll can do i'm conscious that we're putting all of this on india and obviously india is the much bigger country with much more influence but is there anything the ball can do. actually you know there is a there's been a lot of criticism right now for the current government which was which has been you know as a white man and the more the anti india for allowing more the to do this the for inviting all the to come to know but i think this is not paul's first step into a kind of restart listening that harmonious relationship again because mr oli who is our current prime minister is often touted as and india nationalist and right now he is making a move to appease do india and that is a step that now calls already taken to an opponent's a pleasure talking to thank you so much for your time today you're welcome. just before we hit the break a few of your comments lots of you sending in condolences over the situation in
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kenya the birth stand which has killed at least fifty people also jeff on facebook saying this is our capitalism creates the poor and she was talking about a clear effect of deforestation as well but thank you for all your comments there so i got one here from maura who's watching on facebook facebook dot com slash al-jazeera on the gaza situation she's obviously seen what stephanie decker was wearing her flak jacket with the word press on it and she said be careful out there syria your press vest does not grant you protection on the gaza border and i'm guessing that's a reference to yes some are tied to the palestinian. cameraman who was killed during the protests a few days ago very much wearing his press vest as well these are the precautions that we take in of course our teams are well trained for these sorts of situations but thank you for your concern and thank you for your comments and questions the hash tag is a.j. news grid this is the news good and if you're watching us on facebook live like some of those people you can find out now about upcoming vote in ireland that could
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affect the lives of millions of women and then later the so-called enemy judge of the philippines president is alstead wife probably something to do with her being an outspoken critic of rodrigo detergent the full story coming up. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia it's all looking pretty unsettled we've got some quite active cloud systems resulting some heavy rain across eastern parts of turkey extending through syria dense into them parts of iraq and on into iran also some heavy rain across northern parts of afghanistan extending up through into becky stan even into kazakhstan there was no matter how much the props seem want to choose showers but really it's an unsettled picture around these aside the mediterranean the winds coming in off the sea. so we'll see further showers blowing through during the course of the day
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and still that rain persisting is ahead on through into sunday with the chances of fairly big storms here in the arabian peninsula it's also looking a little bit dusty in places temperatures forty degrees across many parts of the potential and certainly here in qatar i think we'll be getting some dust is coming up from the south so visibility very poor during the course of suff they will get a little bit better in the course of sunday in temperatures dropping fractionally but only for actually still looking pretty hot here down into southern parts of africa very different weather conditions largely fine but with much clearer cleaner air we have got some showers on the eastern side of south africa though is standing as far north as durban cape town should be largely dry though with highs here of eighteen degrees celsius. puc son you can think of a song by the pakistani army to the american that i guess i will go for held in guantanamo bay the number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial they had
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a paper that said they were innocent cook oh never talked or screamed would be beaten again a quest for a better life but ended in incarceration. the one ton i'm owed twenty two at this time on al-jazeera. and hundred forty twelve on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dr evil day it's like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape over your.
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head on the mouth of iraq call man what's trending as well still that story we told you yesterday about the five the golan heights is ready kline's the iranian side fabricated and by slicing the next one down has israel opened a new front in syria's. point of arise if you don't have a look at. the dot com. already the philippines top court is ousted its chief
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justice maria load was removed in a vote by fellow judges they were acting on a government petition seeking her dismissal protesters then gathered outside the supreme court to show their support for surrender who hasn't shied away from speaking out against president would really go to term policies according to the petition she did not disclose information about her financial. well it was definitely an unprecedented move by the philippine supreme court ousting one of its own magistrates and no less than the chief justice for itself many good this said i know should end as lawyers and supporters point out that such a move should have been done through a proper impeachment trial of congress aspin the be in law requires however this no longer comes as a surprise because it has been at odds with precedent for the very good that they had they since early into his term at around august in twenty sixteen but that they had put out a list of court judges supposed in the involved in the illegal drug trade and said and pointed there or called him out on that pointing out that he should follow due
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process in a recent speech that there called said i know his enemy and indeed this case against it and was filed by the solicitor general the lawyer for the that there is the administration the solicitor general of you said and of failing to submit her statements of income from her time as a university professor now what does this mean for said i know it means that she will no longer probably be able to make her case before congress at what was her pending impeachment case. so maria said i know what more do we know about how she became the philippines first female head of the judiciary back and twenty twelve as we said a vocal critic of deterred as she has publicly questioned the legality of his war on drugs which rights groups say is led to the extrajudicial killing of thousands of people there and also voted against extending martial law in the southern region of mindanao when an group affiliated with isolate siege to the area last year and she opposes allowing the ferdinand marcos to be buried in a cemetery for national heroes we still support she denies any wrongdoing in this
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current situation we heard from richard herring a little bit earlier a fellow at the manila based struck by his i.d.r. institute who told us the supreme court's decision is not a surprise in many ways it was expected that the supreme court building towards a president to tear up in the past two years actually on major issues whether it was the church this unilateral declaration of a martial law light of the siege of mirali by isis elements or the very controversial burial of former could have been a strong one marcus at the cemetery of national heroes on those two important issues to fix philippine supreme court a large lean towards philippine president so there were concerns sitting this case the same thing will happen if fact of the matter is that present a third of all when he has said that he wants a supreme court justice out and supreme court justice serrano actually shoot she was appointed by the former president up there is actually no it was in many ways
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is now a lot like seen as the enemy of president there today and of course cyrano has been among very few voices of independence now at the very highest level of government and she has question and multiplication of president a tear at this assault on the rule of law and president at this war and drugs. people in support of. the chief justice well there's a lot of that an on line at the moment you know this two sides of this story go all but let's go back and talk about maria lorida serrano as we have said that she is a very fierce critic of president adric go to territory and she's promised to continue fighting against what she calls abuses of power and intimidation by the territory's government even though she's been removed from office and her followers have taken to twitter to echo that same message and we're seeing hashtags like i stand with c.j. serrano serrano judgment day and also oust to territory and many are saying that
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this is a death of democracy and you have an author who as that all three branches of the government the executive legislative and judiciary have failed the people and then bill adds that it's a sad day for the philippines another milestone towards the degradation of our constitution looks like political interest trumps everything in our country even just a system and these are the scenes that we saw earlier this happened at some of the universities in manila law students and faculty gathered for solidarity prayer and protest against the dismissal of the chief justice and others held a candlelight protest in front of the supreme court. now while there is a growing opposition to president or to go to tara to it's important to know that he does have a strong support base but we heard from one person who says that the supreme court made the right decision. i believe that you know before being elected in this city
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i said. feeling all the requirements. to school and. the fear of finding great sound which is i believe another piece for the present day with sam running did this happen and i feel they were in there and i think that's a pretty. well if you are in the philippines would love to hear from you get in touch. or you can message me directly i'm for him ahmed. iraqis go to the polls tomorrow saturday in a general election it will be a big test not just democracy for the country but security as well after fifteen years of turmoil since the us led invasion here's how it looks on the map eighteen provinces three hundred twenty nine seats close to seven thousand candidates nationwide they will contest the three hundred twenty nine seats in the parliament eighty three of which these green ones over here are reserved soley for women and
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that's a quarter of the parliament and another nine seats in blue for the minorities in the country the make up will be decided by eighteen point two million eligible iraqi voters some a binge of eight looks ahead to the big vote on saturday from baghdad. this was the crown jewel in iceland self declared islamic state a few years ago but control of mosul is back with the triumphant iraqi government and now the majority sunni city buzzing with election fever i did them a lot of candidates are using new ways besides their banners such as facebook and other social media voters from mosul face many difficulties because people are still displaced and more than seventy percent of whistles that is completely destroyed isin says it killed one candidate in mosul iraq's interior ministry says its plan to secure the vote is being coordinated in strict measures are in place for this election's this importance in baghdad and also all the provinces including . iraq everything now it's and we achieve all of.
6:43 pm
the northern city of used to be held by kurdish peshmerga now iraqi forces have taken charge when rich could kook is also known as mini iraq because of its mixed population including kurds turkmen christians and arabs during this election the focus is on using the strength of diversity to solve the commission's. targets and. accords a stance between the complement of the iraqi and car corke the real test will be in places like ramadi and other sunni majority areas which were under rice and much of the roads and buildings have been destroyed and many residents are still displaced iraqis are worried about sectarian divisions and political corruption. after we saw candidates back stabbing each other and some familiar old faces we began to have doubts if any change will happen in these elections although many people say they
6:44 pm
are not afraid of ice attacks securing the election is a challenge on saturday airports and border crossings will remain closed for the twenty four hour curfew. prime minister by the onces mostly shia national coalition to win. well vice-president maliki is behind his state of law coalition and other hopeful is had the luxury who struck our coalition has plenty of support and certainly what is still divided in this election there are almost seven thousand candidates vying for three hundred in thinking what's different about twenty eighteen is the dawn of unity rather than sectarian allegiances there are alliances between sunni and shia between communists and sudras was not so different are similar faces making differing promises the biggest challenge remains to convince voters to actually come out and cast their ballots some of the down to zero. more to come from a summit tomorrow and we've also got one of our very handy or you need to know
6:45 pm
pages on the iraqi election it includes those in five graphics and maps which i showed you a little bit earlier plus it has backgrounds on the various lists which are made up along religious lines iraqi elections or iraq elections all you need to know that's what you search for i don't see red dot com we're going off the grid now we want to talk about a music video that's got a lot of people talking chances are you have heard about it millions of views online our friends at i.j.a. plus explore this is america. just.
6:46 pm
look when i'm back in the look.
6:47 pm
just upward of fifty million views that video has had the original video. sporting old man of the moment looking at how much financial clout the english game is getting out of most solemn and.
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
and it's good to talk sport you're brought back most solid form a small of the normal picture only we haven't dominating the whole wall but he's always making an appearance for as is the english premier league heads towards its final weekend of the season a new report has found its global fan base is every bit as important to the league's financial future as domestic support as the brand finance football review puts manchester united on top when it comes to earning power but barcelona are the same most fans around the globe have awareness of with a growing support in china india and the united states is also financial muscle in
6:50 pm
munich the german league attracts the biggest crowds and abi leipsic have the fastest growing brand of any team in the world middle eastern companies account for more than thirty percent of all shirt sponsorships and the english premier league still the cash king with eighteen teams making the top fifty rich list well let's talk to one of the people behind the report bryn anderson is from the consultancy firm brand finance bring great stuff you on tell us the secret of success for the english premier league why are so many big sponsorship deals and big t.v. deals done around that league. well first of all thank you for having me so yes you're right the premier league has eighteen of the most valuable brands in the twenty eight teams around finance table from the inception of the premier league in one thousand nine hundred two it really has just gone from strength to strength the brand of football that's played the high tempo the act the excitement and first and
6:51 pm
foremost the competitiveness of the league makes it really quite attractive it creates a sense of. excitement within the league that some paralleled a lot of the other european leagues do not have this level of excitement now of course that creates the popularity globally we're able to see that your popularity in the new and emerging markets of the premier league and naturally that brings about some quite significant broadcasting rights revenues for the premier league unrivaled when compared to some of the other european leagues and of course with that exposure through the broadcasting rights we're seeing a lot of sponsorship revenue compared to some of the other leagues filtering through to the premier league team bridge just gives an idea bearing what's going to happen at the weekend when we come to brand awareness and brand recognition how damaging is it for a club if they get relegated out of the premier league. it's really it really
6:52 pm
is quite damaging. there are a number of top teams in the premier league look at the sort of top five and top six there's a bit of a gulf those guys over the last five ten years have done a really great job in trying to generate other commercial income streams trying to rebalance all reshift the composition of the football clubs earnings now that can't be said for a lot of the lower level clubs not only in the premier league but some of the other leagues as well where the broadcasting revenues can represent up to eighty percent of their of their earnings and obviously their sponsors enter into sponsoring sponsorship or gauge events with these clubs on the assumption that these brands will be playing in the premier league so if they do fall down to the championship they get relegated then often there's clauses in the sponsorship agreements that they will lower the payments or in fact they might actually terminate their
6:53 pm
sponsorship agreements and obviously down in the lower leagues it's harder to get as such lucrative sponsorship. contracts and equally with the use out in terms of the broadcasting revenues i believe the lowest broadcasting income for the team at the bottom of the premier league is around eighty million if you're looking at the top of the championship broadcasting brings that brings in around ten million so you're looking at a delta or a gulf of about seventy million there so although there's parachute payments and the i think it's sixty million over a three year term it really doesn't compare to the last earnings which can run into the hundreds of millions so it really is precarious for these lower these lower level teams but it's an opportunity to because they need to build up of the commercial revenues they need to be creative they need to look at things like stadium naming rights they could often explore licensing but to exploit their
6:54 pm
existing fans and look for new harare. look to build their brand in new and emerging football markets. and just very quickly brain just give us a quick idea is to what the form is in china part of the research saying that fans there are now supporting their home seems just as they much are european seems gives some idea that maybe the chinese super league is growing as a brand as well. absolutely so this is the this is the second year ground fire has actually conducted. commissioned found research in china and this year we actually extended into india and the usa as well and the results are quite telling but yet to your point in china we are seeing the popularity of football in china is growing exponentially prison is paying i think he's on the record as stating that he would like to see or i'd like to build twenty thousand football training institute in china by twenty twenty show it shows the level of ambition they have as
6:55 pm
a country and we can see that replicating through to the chinese super league where as you say as you suggested the ever ever ground team is the most supported club across our research beating the likes of barcelona rail madrid and manchester united if you compare that to the research in india manchester united was the most supportive club and in the us it was f.c. barcelona so it just shows the level of villa city fans have in the story they're only going to do apologize we're just running out of time a bit thanks so much brian on the scene there from brian finance and we can get in touch with me on twitter and the on the school sport more from me in the eight hundred news hour for now back to come on and we thank you for that you know the saying seeing is believing right well one museum in new york wants the experience of its visit is to actually be less about seen kristen salumi gives us a tour and explains what makes this exhibit unique sound.
6:56 pm
scent. and light. these are the media designers looking to engage all five senses zyban called sign vision. so what we have here so this is an installation called the snow storm and snow storm and what you'll find here are over one hundred fifty wall snowballs that are each impregnated with the smell of winter weather meant to evoke a mood or play with perception the cooper hewitt design museum encourages visitors to do more than just look. in these chairs patterns of vibrations create feeling like falling into a vat of jello we experience design with all of our senses at all times so we're constantly touching and smelling and hearing and we really want to bring. that experience into the galleries and to offer visitors a way to look at the everyday products and packaging design as well as immersive
6:57 pm
experiences around design to begin to think about this idea this is art of this exhibit was counting on the fact that just about everyone who sees this block fur as a same reaction to stroke it which triggers this musical number. i just felt the fur and made to music and i thought she got fun designing for all five senses can also mean reaching more diverse users so it very much is about the experience in your hand and as well as in your mouth. like table where that uses color and form to guide people living with dementia vision loss is just fantastic i mean really sort of open minded to. never really thought about before making for a more inclusive design and neat museum experience. kristen salumi al jazeera new
6:58 pm
york. and that'll do it for your friday news if you want to get in touch with us these are the ways to do it on twitter facebook and whatsapp now my producer i was telling me that actually people were calling into the what's that number it's not with audio from somalia and nigeria i think it was hoping to comment on the candy store thank you for getting in touch. to send us your questions and your comments and we will see you right back here in studio fourteen at al-jazeera fifteen hundred ninety tomorrow saturday.
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on counting the cost how the u.s. decision to exit the iran nuclear deal is being felt around the world cry for help on why talks with the i.m.f. a triggering bad memories for many people plus the coal mining disasters tourism debate in south africa. counting the cost on. its. own this group. this thing is a promise. is the name under which i record a. record music is really going to trip for a very young. but i feel that. the talks of are just. are crazy music. especially for this kind of all right wing assault on all. os questions and generally all freedom of
7:00 pm
expression and people you know are being taught it's like students teachers activists there goes right to its place all of them been intimidated the front of the rest of and people are on the street see the protest has reached our doorstep saw in which as a weird legs all attempts to contradict something that was. once the strategy of war now the conflict is long over but the abductions continue one on one east investigates why so many sri lankans disappeared without a trace on al-jazeera.


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